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Dog Gone It Luna™ , Huntington Beach, CA 

Meet The PACK

Meet The Pack

Kalea Cacao's Lil Luna aka LUNA

DOB: June 2017

Gender: Female


Fun Fact:

I've traveled on an airplane more

than 20 times so far for

business with my hoo-man!

Military Veteran Service Dog

Enjoys swimming at the beach, wiggling in the sand & looking Fab!

Ahi - Yes like the Tuna

DOB: 2012

Gender: Male

Rescue Dog


Fun Facts:

I was returned twice to the shelter as "difficult", untrainable and bites.

 I was adopted by Mark & Stacy's family and trained and loved. I'm spoiled rotton and I'm really a good boy, they let me "Bark" at the mailman so I feel like THE BOSS.


DOB: 2017

Gender: Female

Rescue Dog

Fun Facts:

My Hoo-man is Mark & Stacy's oldest daughter, so you could say I am what you call the "Grand-Puppy" of the family. I am part German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Chow & Collie.

I'm a handful and a chewer! 

Favorite Thing To Do:

Bounce around the yard like Bambi!