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Dog Gone It Luna™ , Huntington Beach, CA 

About Us

Welcome to "Dog Gone It Luna" our handcrafted dog gear.


My name is Stacy Christian & this is Luna my service dog. As a military veteran I have always found it difficult to find the proper gear for Luna and when I did find stuff it was ugly and had no personality and no way to customize it. Hense 'Dog Gone it Luna" brand was founded! I love making each bandana by hand and customizing it to fit your pup's personality. All dogs deserve to look their best as part of your family and represent their personality with flair! 

Dog Gone It Luna™ dog gear is handcrafted in and located in Huntington Beach, CA

Every item is handcrafted in my studio with the greatest level of care and attention to detail. Our mission is to provide quality products that are fun, functional and will add flair to your pet's personality without breaking your budget.

We strive to give back to the community & Earth by donating a portion of each sale to help provide education & supplies to keep our beaches clean for everyone and future generations and by donating toys and items for our local shelter pups.